Wingman AI

More than just voice commands

Bring AI to any game or application

Imagine being able to talk to AI characters anywhere in the language of your choice and having them respond. You control their voice, behavior and skills.
That's Wingman AI.


Recreate Shadowheart from Baldur's Gate 3 or Marvin from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Clone their voices, control how they will react and what they can do. Let them interact with you and your game in a way that feels natural and fun.



Use our pre-configured commands to trigger hotkeys, complex macros or even mouse input. Create your own commands and bindings. Let the AI decide when to use them without having to remember exactly what to say, or set exact phrases to minimize latency and reliable actions.



Extend the capabilities of any Wingman by adding easy-to-use skills. Let it control Spotify, pull live data or guides from external APIs into your game, or launch apps in Windows. Use AI Vision to analyse screenshots on the fly. Create a totally unique Custom Wingman if you're a developer.



Wingman AI always supports the latest AI models. Define "Instant Activation Commands" without AI round-trips to minimize latency for the actions you need to get done as quickly and reliably as possible. Use local AI processing for even faster responses.


Talk to your Wingmen in any language or even switch languages on the fly. The AI models can understand and respond in the same or any other language that you can define.


Change the behavior (or context), voice or LLM of your Wingmen independently. There are tons of options you can change to create any specific character - all in one easy-to-use client.

Standalone & Safe

Wingman AI runs "on top" of other games or applications without accessing them directly. It does not read or modify any of your game's memory or state, making it unobtrusive and safe to use.


Let Wingman AI run against your local LLM. Connect external devices like Walkie-Talkies for even more fun or utilize the Wingman API to interact with your Wingmen from your own applications or games.

Open Source

Wingman AI Core (the backend) is Open Source and has a very active and enthusiastic community of developers and users who help us make the product better and better.

Yes. It supports your game, too.

Works everywhere

Wingman AI is a standalone application that allows you to simulate the keystrokes or mouse movements you would normally press manually. No magic, no cheating and no game support required. All powered by AI that understands what you want to accomplish.

What can you do with Wingman AI?

Talking to a Wingman is like chatting to ChatGPT but you set the rules of conversation and control the behavior. Here are some examples:

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Power up my ship!

Please give me a good trade route starting in New Babbage.

What's the difference between a Constellation Taurus and a Constellation Andromeda?

From now on, always answer in French!

There is this one song from the movie 'A Star is born'. Play it on Spotify.

Tell me a joke!

It's like an improved VoiceAttack... very nice.
It's like an improved VoiceAttack... very nice.

Designed with User Experience in mind

We want Wingman AI to be accessible and easy to use for everyone. That's why we have designed a beautiful client that suits both beginners and developers.

Chat historyIndividual Wingmen with their own personalities and skillsSpeech recognition and synthesis for an immersive experienceIntegration of StarHead or other API's to provide real-time information
Wingman message history in the UI

Turn every screw if you want to

Wingman AI comes with some very useful default configurations, but ultimately you'll want to make it your own. The whole configuration is file based, but you can use our client to change everything in a nice & easy way. You might even learn a thing or two about AI.

Describe the behavior of your Wingmen in simple language or tweak every aspect of the prompts.Pick from an extensive list of speech recognition providers.Control speech synthesis and voice output. Use live previews to hear the results.Add audio effects to all voices from any of the providers supported. It even works with cloned voices.
Wingman configuration in the UI

Don't just talk - do things with it!

What makes this better than just using ChatGPT? Wingmen can not only talk but also act.

Tell your Wingman: "It's raining, I can't see anything." and it will call your "TurnFlashlightOn" command automagically.Record your own keybindings with ease by simply pressing the buttons. Define hotkeys, complex macros or even mouse movement.Skip AI round-trips when needed and use "Instant Activation Commands" with exact phrases and responses for the fastest and most reliable actions.
Command recording in the UI
We are happy to help

Questions & Answers

If you need help or has any questions, feel free to join our Discord server. Here are some common questions and answers to help you start.

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